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Hydraulic Press - Hand Operated

  • Types: C Frame.
  • Capacity: 0.5 to 5.0 ton.
  • Working pressure : 50 to 250 bar.
  • Application: Lab, Punch etc.

Note : Hydraulically operated hand press design and its components are manufactured as per IS0 standard & customer requirement. company culture found on business growth through customer satisfaction.

Hydraulic C- Frame Press (Pressing For Silver Articles).

  • Type of Press: C Frame.
  • Capacity : 20 to 200 ton.
  • Application: Silver Article, Gold Articles & Non Metal, General etc.

Note :The C-frame press derives its name from the shape of the frame. The primary advantages of the C-frame design are
(a)Open work area
(b)Increased accessibility.
The C-frame press features become even more advantageous when multiple presses are used for progressive operations with automated material handling moving parts from press to press. The C-Frame hydraulic presses are Specially designed bending process having the capacity of 200 tons. They are used for various simple applications like embossing, straightening, riveting, stamping, etc.

Graphite Extrusion Press

  • Type: Horizontal press.
  • Capacity: 100 to 200 Tons
  • Working pressure: 200 bar.
  • Application: Graphite Extrusion.

Note : We are engaged in offering a range of EXTRUSSION PRESS that is highly automated and simple in operation with single compact unit mounted over the channel. Fabricated in compliance with set International quality standards, Easy to operate and reliable in performance, the range of iron scrap baling press includes.

4 - Pillar Hydraulic Press

  • Type: Four Pillar hyd. Press.
  • Capacity: 50 To 100 Ton.
  • Application: Rubber Sheet Pressing.
  • Feature: Automatic, Adjustable.

Note : We are engaged in offering Rubber Molding Machine that are used to check the rubber bond strength and rubber molding. Fabricated in compliance with established industrial standards & machine press various industrial requirements.
The features associated with our molding machines are optimum performance, longer shelf life, low in noise level and power consumption and easy to install and operate. We also custom designed our range as per required by our client.

2 - Pillar Hydraulic Press

  • Type : 2 Pillar Hyd. Press.
  • Capacity: 4 to 6 ton.
  • SApplication: Rubber Sheet Pressing, Paper Press, Car Sheet Press etc.
  • Feature: Automatic ,Adjustable.

Note : Our organization brings forth for our customers a reliable range of Rubber Molding Press. To cater to the variegated application requirements of clients, we make these machines available in various technical specifications. Owing to these machines' compliance with international standards, these are widely used in engineering related industries. we also suppliers of Rubber Molding Press.

Special type machine. (As Per Customer Requirement)

  • Type: Paper Plate Press Two Cylinder With Power Pack
  • Capacity: 50 Liters With 5 HP Motor.
  • Application: Multi paper plates Press.
  • Availability in various technical specifications
  • Long functional life
  • Dimensional accuracy

C-Frame Type Hydraulic Press

  • Type:- Frame Hydraulic Press.
  • Capacity: 15 To 30 Ton
  • Application: BEARING PRESS, Card Board Press etc.
  • FEATURE:-Automatic, adjustable.

Note : We supply From complete systems to individual hydraulic parts, it’s our product range, quality and renowned customer service that sets us apart from other hydraulic system manufacturers.

4-Piller Hydraulic Press.

  • Grinding wheel pressing machine.
  • Capacity: 30 ton.

C-Type Paper Plate Press.

  • Type:- C-Frame Type Hydraulic Press.
  • Capacity:- 5Ton To 15 Ton.
  • Application:- BUSH Press, Card Board Press.
  • Features: Hand Operated, Automatic Operated, Push Button.

Note : We are manufacture of Hydraulic systems can be found today in a wide variety of applications, from small assembly processes to integrated steel and paper mill applications. Hydraulics enable the operator to accomplish significant work (Pressing different heavy loads, etc.) with a minimum investment in mechanical linkage through the application of Pascal’s law.

Bagasse Compactor

  • Type: Special OSH-Type.
  • Capacity: 30ton/hr , working pressure :175 to 70bar.
  • Oil flow:171-122 lpm.
  • Application : Sugar Industries etc. The Bagasse Compactor Hydraulic Press is also called Paper Compactor. With any input sugarcane or sorghum the machine adjusts in giving the right output pulp suited for your specific requirement. The press is quite often also sourced by industries who are into production of bio fuels. The Bagasse Compactor Hydraulic Press we offer has a high chamber volume and a better compression ratio, so you don 't just get better outputs you get it faster too.
  • Features : High plant production capacity (~ 40 tractors/day)
  • Better compression ratio
  • High chamber volume that allows more input feed
  • B30 or more strokes/hr
  • Can be custom made
  • Applications : Paper and Bio fuel production companies

Paper Plate Press.

  • Type: Paper Plate Press 4 Cylinder With Power Pack.
  • Capacity: 100 liters with 7.5 HP Motor.
  • Application: Multi Paper Plates Press.

Note : Hydraulic Press. Unmatched in terms of quality and efficiency, these PAPER PLATE presses find optimum usage in numerous industries. These products are highly automated and has simple operations. Made available in the market at competitive rates, our products are known for the following reasons: Availability in various technical specifications, Long functional life, dimensional accuracy.

Radar hosting Crane.

  • Type: Radar Hoisting Crane.
  • Capacity: 1.5 -2 Ton with Hand Operated Pump.
  • Application: Radar load and un load.
  • Features: Excellent Working Order with Operators.

Note : Radarhostingcrane can be designed moresmaller and have more functions because the dead weight is light, and the wheel pressure is small.Smaller size workplace, means saving a huge amount of money from initial construction investment.

Rubber Molding Press

  • Features: Speed
  • Tonnage
  • Single or multi step forming
  • Variable speed or tonnage during pressing
  • Type: two pillar hyd. Press with power pack
  • Capacity: 3 to 4 ton
  • Application: rubber sheet pressing. Paper press. Car sheet press
  • Our organization brings forth for our customers a reliable range of rubber molding press. To cater to the variegated application requirements of clients, we make these machines available in various technical specifications. Owing to these machines' compliance with international standards, these are widely used in engineering related industries. Suppliers in Ahmadabad rubber molding press.

4-Pillar Type Metal Cutting Press

  • Type:4-Pillar Type Metal Cutting Press.
  • Capacity: Up to 500 Ton.
  • Application: Metal Cutting etc.
  • Feature: Semi Automatic of Size 800x800mm.

Master Pin Pusher Unit

  • Capacity: Up to 150 Ton.
  • Application :Track Link Pin Pusher/ Remover.
  • Reference L&T Komastu PC200 Equivalent.
  • We manufacture master pin pusher under special projects. Special projects are design and manufacturers suit to the customer requirement. Based on the application our design team will collect the require input by various method and submit the proposal for confirmation of requirement. Capacity » Up to 50 Tonnes.

Hydraulicaly Operated Transportation Rack

  • Transportation rack for civil engineering.
  • Hydraulic operated
  • Quick and easy assembly purpose
  • Standard color: orange beams
  • Single rib column equal movement up and down.
  • Safety hydraulic locks

Hydraulic Hammering Machine

  • capacity 15 ton
  • number of stroke 60/per min
  • 7.5 hp
  • Application : silver / goldsheet hammering

Dry Grass Baling Machine

  • Dry Grass baling machine.
  • Capacity :8 to 10 ton.
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Details: wooden case Delivery Detail: 10 days
  • Specifications
  • Grass baler (Square shape) feature
    • simple and reasonable structure
    • sturdiness and durability
    • safety and reliability
  • Baler machine for grass/grass baler machine/grass hay baler
  • This type machine is hydraulic packing machine. Used to grass, stalk, straw, waste box, medicinal materials, pepper, cloth, towel, cotton, palm fiber, wool, rabbit hair, waste plastic material. It can pack these material into different size. We also can provide machine according to customers' special requirements. Welcome contact with us to discuss more machine details.
  • Parameter of the bale press machine
    • Model :ZFGCB-80
    • Pressure : 80T
    • Packing size : 800*400*400
    • Weight : 4T
    • Motor : 18.5kw
    • Output : 2-3T/H
    • Weight per bag : 100kg

Metal Bricketing Machine.

  • Boring scrap Bricket machine.
  • Capacity :200 ton.
  • Industries of refractory matter production, power plant, metallurgy, chemical engineering, energy, transportation and heat supply. Purpose: To press all kinds of powder scrap materials and waste residues including coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, scrap iron, oxide iron, carbon dust, powdered carbon, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, active carbon and coke breeze.

4-Piller Hydraulic Press For Silver Coin

  • Application: Gold or Silver coin pressing.
  • Capacity: 150 ton.
  • STROKE 150 TO 200 mm.
  • This is 300 tons capacity hydraulic gold and silver coin making hydraulic coining press complete with programmable PLC controller for multiple strokes at final stage. The press is equipped with ejector cylinder for auto ejection of coin for easy removal without hammering. This feature offers better final finish of the coin. This hydraulic coining press is suitable for making gold and silver coins from 1.0 gram to 100.0 grams in weight and is powered by 10.0 HP electricals and is supplied complete with suitable electricals and control panel. This coining press design incorporates pressure adjustment control with timer to adjust final pressure time before return stroke. It can be operated by push button control as well as in automatic single cycle mode. The hydraulic coining press is fitted with programmable PLC electronic controller for easier precise operation and better quality work. The PLC will be such that multiple strokes can be programmed as desired to ensure excellent engraved finished coins. The multiple stroke function makes the hydraulic press deliver two, three or four final embossing punches as per program fed into by operator. We can also supply you ejector system die fixture to suit your requirements Kindly ask for details.
  • Besides the hydraulic coining press and precision sheet rolling mill, we can also supply you induction and resistance gold and silver melter, gold and silver bar cutting machine and vibrator polisher machines required to set up complete gold and silver coin making plant.
  • this is hydraulically operated 15 tons capacity blanking press to blank metal coins in required shape and weight.
  • This press is suitable for gold coin blanking from 1.0 gram to 100 grams size having 75mm length of stroke with foot pedal and electric control panel.

Scrap Bundling Machine

  • Harrizantle Scarp pressing machine
  • Capacity:-50 ton.
  • Horizontal Scrap Pressing machine, which is installed with high pressure, double acting, vane type pump. Designed in line with international quality standards, our range finds wide application in steel and aluminum industries. These orizontal compression scrap presses are renowned for optimum performance, robust construction and long service life. Our range comes in big, medium and small sizes.


OSPHL likely to introduce a OSHPL-special type of BUFFER of impact strength and elegant design with international standards.

Advantages Of Hydraulic Buffer

  • Unmatched impact strength.
  • Tested with high standard.
  • Simple in construction & good output.
  • Low capital investment when compared to other makes.
  • Easy maintenance at low cost.

Technical Specifications Of Hydraulic Buffer

  • Type: Special Type Buffer.
  • Bore:- ¢40, ¢63 are available& as per customer requirement.
  • Stroke length :-410mm,350mm available & as per customer requirement.
  • Mounting:-Front/Rear Flange Mounting.
  • Construction: Non Tie Rod.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning With Tempered SS Spring.
  • Application :Railways Buffer, Elevator Buffer, Mining Buffer& other application.

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